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    Quickstyle is a Safari extension to quickly and conveniently restyle any Web page by adding your own CSS rules to it. Quickstyle features a handy "selector helper" that eases the task of finding the right CSS selector for the rule you want to create, and a built-in stylesheet editor so you can create and edit your rules right on the page. It's a lot easier and faster than using Safari's Web Inspector and editing an external User CSS file. Quickstyle also features shortcut keys to instantly change the font or font size of an element, or to permanently hide it. Note: Quickstyle is the next generation of my earlier extension, Rightsizer, and will overwrite Rightsizer on installation. All Rightsizer settings are preserved.

    Recomended High Sierra 9gvi9-quickstyle-vers-1.2.25.app (38 kb)
    Updated on Mojave nyO-Quickstyle-vers.1.4.22.app (53 kb)
    Updated version 1.2.26-Quickstyle-kOmn4.dmg (46 kb)
    Updated version ver.1.5.22.quickstyle.krg.dmg (51 kb)

    Canisbos Computing

    Best to High Sierra fBrVRf.version.5.8.1.iconStiX.app 3.8.3
    OS X KTZ.version.6.1.4.iSMARTtrain.pkg 4.1.1
    Updated version aQXBy_v.1.3_Amelie's_Cafe.zip 1.2
    Featured 10.11.5 v.1.0.11.The.Journalist.gDG.pkg 1.0.10

    (37 kbytes) Software QUICKSTYLE VERS.1.2.24 TZUHW 1.2.23 Best for 10.11
    (38 kbytes) Software version 1.2.23 Quickstyle L6em 1.2.25 Recomended! version

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